Williams FW22


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This is our latest car.

This time we tried to improve the mistakes that we made in the previous cars. Life is a constant learning process and you always learn new things. With the FW22 we have completely reinvented oruselves in terms of the way we model our cars. It takes longer but we can keep more deatils in to the car and we are more accuarte then before. The models are also much cleaner now. As far as FW22 visuals go, we aimed 100% at monaco grand prix. We also included small details such as the original Bell helmets from the 2000 season, the real AP Racing brakes from the 2000, and the original TV Camera from the 2000 Season and much more that you don‘t see at the first glance.

Also in terms of the sounds, wich was a major weakness. We now have a new memberĀ  in the team (Viola_seven) who makes the sounds way better and takes a big topic off our shoulders.

You can also check out the sounds on his youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJz8J12sZAmETtq_4ayiPvg/featured).

In the physics we kept to the regualtions from the 2000 season ( wing width, tie pressure, tire size,……)

We also now have more animation like moving antennas and mirrors.

We have built many new features into our cars. I hope you like this project.

Enjoy it.

Patch 1.01

-Damaga_Glass fix

-Steer_Ratio fix